About Us


Be TakeOff is a company founded to research and test innovative software and hardware solutions and make them available to our network of ICT partners. 

Based in Agno, Ticino, the company aims to select products that are new to Europe, and bring them to the market via an established network of resellers in Switzerland and abroad. 
Thanks to its experience, Be TakeOff has developed a solid model for selecting, testing and distributing winning products, capable of providing the market, and therefore end-users, with solutions that meet the broadest qualitative standards, without compromising on the latest technological innovations.
Our main objective is to facilitate a firm synergy between Brands and Partners in order to build a network and bring unique and innovative products to the market. Following rigorous testing phases, Be TakeOff can offer its solutions as standalone services or bundle options. 

Be TakeOff is also a technological community, which aims to increase the correspondence between Partners' ideas and the options offered by Brands in terms of supplying solutions for Demo, Lab or PoC purposes.