If your company produces multi-tenancy software and platforms, Be TakeOff could be a product distribution partner for you. 

Our aim is to carefully select innovative software with significant added value, which can be provided as a service or as part of a bundle.
Thanks to our network of partners and resellers, we can offer you excellent support in entering both the Swiss and foreign markets, and in certain cases can even help you build your company. 
Be TakeOff has developed a standardised, consolidated and efficient product testing model over the years, which includes a number of fundamental steps: 

1) Check that the prerequisites are met (multitenancy, online deployment, hybrid scenario compatibility) 

2)  Preliminary marketing agreement 

3)  In-house testing of the solidity of the software and its ability to interact with other software 

4)  Distribution agreement 

Our main areas of interest are security, unified communication and data safety. 

Verification of the requirements




Marketing agreement




Internal tests and tests with partners




Distribution agreement